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Although the Americans with Disabilities Act required that by 1992 places of business, government buildings, courts, post offices, meeting halls, restaurants, doctors' offices, schools, etc., be made accessible to people with disabilities. Years later, many places have not made even minimal, inexpensive changes, such as the ramping of a step or two to allow entrance.

1) We will send letters to places of business, for example restaurants with no ramps, asking them to comply with the laws and allow people with disabilities to enter their buildings.

2) We would like you to complete the simple survey form below. You may get paper copies by emailing us at cs@equalizers.org or by calling us. The survey rates accessibility features of each building, for example: Is there accessible parking? A flush curbcut, with no edge? A ramp instead of stairs? A door that is at least 32 inches wide?

3) We hope that readers will bring their findings to the attention of the owners, and will also email them to us at cs@equalizers.org or leave a phone report at the above number.

4) We will then contact the owners ourselves, offering help and ideas.
Go to the Survey Form: Survey Page